Battery Leaf Blower



Functionally speaking, a Blower is just opposite of the vacuum cleaner. While vacuum cleaner takes the dusts inside, a blower helps them to blow away. For cleaning outdoor yards, blowers are quite commonly used. Often you see that your outdoor yard is filled with fallen leaves. Removing these leaves manually will take a lot of time, and it is a matter of efficiency too. Without wasting time and energy, you can simply opt for Battery Leaf Blower. Over the years, technology has drastically changed. Instead of gas blowers, we have now wireless battery based blowers. In this article, we will know about them.

Types of major Battery Leaf Blowers

Depending upon the mechanism of usage, blowers can be classified into three major types. They are: gas blower, electric blower and battery blower. Gas blowers are considered to be the oldest, and they are powerful too. However, using them is a little risky, as chances of hazards are there due to the presence of natural gas. Electric blower is a fine substitute of gas blower, but there are a few drawbacks. First of all, the electric cord has to be long enough so that the blower can be used for outdoor cleaning seamlessly. In most of the cases, the cord is not long enough, and you cannot reach the corners of your garden. In that case, the solution is using an extension cord.

Battery Leaf Blower

Another prominent drawback of electric blower is that it consumes a lot of electricity. If you are environment conscious and at the same time if you have minimal budget for monthly electricity bills, then using blower can be a form of luxury for you. Electric blowers need heavy consumption of electricity. They get heated up easily, and as they get heated up they tend to consume more electricity. The third type of blower is battery based blower. This is definitely a modernized option. The best thing is that you can use solar powered cells to run these blowers. Moreover, battery run blowers are generally cordless, and thus they are easier to be handled.

Tips for Choosing Blowers

If you are planning for buying a blower, you will find a lot of products in the marketplace. Here in the following section, find a guide on choosing blowers:

•   Choosing a Product as per Requirements: You need to understand your requirements first in order to choose the right product. You have to check the size of your lawn. If you have a small size lawn, a mid range blower would serve your purposes. For long gardens, you need high power equipment.

•    Price of Product: Blowers are not expensive these days. Several manufacturers have different types of products in offering. So, you have the option to select a few products and compare them in terms of prices.

•    Features: To minimize your manual efforts, it is always important to buy feature rich products. The functional controls should be modernized so that you can control the device to bring the best results.

•    Vacuum Cleaner or Blower: Vacuum cleaning is suitable for small leaves and dusts. On the other hand, blower is suitable to blow away the large leaves from your outdoor. So, you need to choose the right device, understand your situation.

Best Battery leaf Blower Products

These days various manufacturers have introduced special battery run blowers. So, there is no scarcity of products at the market. But you need to find the best product to serve your job neatly. Here are some of the best products at a glance for you:

•    Worx WG591: This is a light weighted handheld blower, which is easy to operate and simple to be controlled. The product is perfect for garden cleaning job, and being wireless, you can reach every corner of your outdoor yard or garden without any difficulties. The product has a solid built-up, which means it is durable.

•  GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX : This is another good product in the marketplace for the household using purposes. If you have a mid-sized or event large garden, you can use this product to get effective leaf blowing results. This is a battery run wireless device.

•    Echo – CBL 58V2AH: Powerful metal reinforced nozzle is the highlighting point of this blower. It has a very posh feel. From its built quality, you can assume that the product is long lasting.

Several other Battery Leaf Blower products are there in the marketplace. You can even buy them online.